Unknown Brewing Event Celebrates Women in Beer

Craft Chicks Hustle Harder is The Unknown Brewing Company’s effort to celebrate the women of Charlotte. Featuring female chefs, athletes, crafters and jewelers, the Saturday, August 23 event also features a home brew competition focused on female brewers.

“In the male dominated brewing world, the women of our industry are a growing force,” Unknown’s Nikki Wilson said.” Women were the original brewers of the world, after all.”

Unknown’s goal is to throw “one kick ass party” to recognize that. From 2-8 p.m., the event will feature food samples, live music and activities and the sampling of home brew competition beers from 3-6 p.m. Vote for your favorite beer and the winner will be announced shortly after 6 p.m. Join all this fun for a $10 entry fee that includes the food and beer samples plus a pint of your choice from Unknown. Click here for more info.


The brew competition will feature nine female brewers who represent home brew clubs through the region. Meet four of the bad ass chicks bringing beer to share:

Ashley Bower
Representing: Palmetto State Brewers
Brews out of: West Columbia, SC
Brewing for:  4 1/2 years

Her #cheersworth competition brew: An Ordinary Bitter (name TBD)

Why she began brewing: When I first got into beer, I enjoyed trying all the different styles and learning more about what went into making each one. Part of that thirst for knowledge led me to wanting to learn how to brew, so I joined the local home brew club and dove into learning what I needed to do to get started.

Favorite style to brew: I love brewing English Beers: bitters, milds, old ales, porters.
Brewing philosophy: I love brewing classic styles that are difficult to find commercially.

Rachelle Corson-Webber
Representing: Carolina BrewMasters
Brews out of: Steele Creek
Brewing for: 3 years

Her #cheersworthy competition brew: Vanilla Bean Bourbon Oak Porter

Why she began brewing: My husband had been brewing for a couple years. I wanted him to brew a specific beer, but he wanted to brew something I didn’t like. So I decided to brew it myself.

Favorite styles to brew: Reds and porters

Brewing philosophy: I mainly brew beers I like to drink.

Alisha Hime
Representing: Palmetto State Brewers
Brews out of: Greenville, SC
Brewing for: 2 years

Her #cheersworth competition brews: Reinheitsgebot Hefeweizen and an IPA

Why she began brewing:
I discovered several people who brewed their own beer. It inspired me to create my own recipes and experiment as a home brewer. And I began a relationship with a German.

Favorite style to brew: Hefeweizen. It’s pure. It’s simple. How it always was.

Brewing philosophy: Its beer – don’t make it difficult.

Jennifer Indicott
Brews out of: Huntersville
Representing: CABREW
Brewing for: 1.5 years

Her #cheersworth competition brew: IBUs Out the Wazoo Black IPA

Why she began brewing: To learn more about the process that goes into making one of my favorite beverages. I also wanted to start a hobby that utilized my science background and also appealed to my artistic side.

Favorite style to brew: No particular favorites yet – at any given time I have a to-brew list 10 beers long. I enjoy wandering around farmers and specialty markets looking for “weird” ingredients to throw into a brew. But I also enjoy making beers that everyone will want to drink.

Brewing philosophy: When you’re brewing, you’re making “liquid art”. I also want to learn as much as possible, so every batch I brew usually involves some sort of experimental technique, recipe, ingredient or piece of equipment.

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