New NoDa Brewing Facility Slated for August Opening

A year and half ago, it became apparent to NoDa Brewing Company owners Todd and Suzie Ford that their space on North Davidson Street’s size and design would limit their growth. The search for a new property started there and on April 6, they invited friends and family to the 32,000-square-foot warehouse they’ve secured for the brewery’s expansion.NoDa Expansion 2

The new space they’ll lease at 2921 North Tryon Street will house a 60-barrel brew system four times the size of their current capacity. The warehouse, after redevelopment, will also feature a spacious taproom and outdoor area.

“Quite honestly we are looking forward to saying ‘no’ a lot less to our local accounts who want to add more NoDa beers,” Todd Ford said, emphasizing that the growth of the brewery will be done with a focus first on their home market in Charlotte. “We want to produce beer and the demand for fresh locally crafted product has been incredible. We want the ability to grow with the market with a strong emphasis on quality.”

NoDa Expansion 4With plans for construction already submitted to the City Planning Department, NoDa anticipates being open in August after a three and half to four month construction phase.

Fans of NoDa’s current space on North Davidson Street will be able to continue to enjoy it at a specialty tap room featuring beers like sours and barrel aged offerings. NoDa is also focusing on maintaining the unique brand and culture of the original brewery within the new space.

“We have a great architectural firm that understands our brand and culture and is working hard with us to create an industrial feel at the new location similar to that of the Mothership on North Davidson,” Ford said. “There will be differences that come with a much larger space and more opportunities but I think the end result will be a comfortable space that will continue the earthy, organic, vibe that we started with.”NoDa Expansion 3

The building itself will also lend its own special feel. The historic warehouse built in the 1930s was most recently home to The Ray Company, a roofing firm, and before that Fleischmann’s Vinegar.

Beyond the feel of the new space, NoDa’s focus is on the quality of the beer. Ford says much of the cost of the new system was not just in the sheer size but the technology they need to achieve quality and consistency. This same attention will be paid not just to draft beer, but in canned product with a new canning system that will reduce oxygen levels and offer a product with a longer shelf life.

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