Episode 196- Scotch Scotch Scotch, I love Scotch

Scotch, Scotch, Scotch at Dot. Dot. Dot!  On this episode we go deep on a proper scotch education courtesy of Jeff Fissel, Director of Rural Hill and the North Carolina Brewers and Music Festival and Stefan Huebner, owner and cocktail sensei of Dot Dot Dot, Charlotte’s newest culinary driven speakeasy.  Both of these gentlemen are Cheers Charlotte repeat offenders and they generously surrendered a number a choice bottles of scotch to help educate us and our listeners on what to look for, how to properly taste and what the various regions offer.  Jeff is a well traveled and self taught scotch drinker who hosts Scotch dinners out at Rural Hill throughout the year, and Stefan, a seasoned bartender and entrepreneur slings drabs of high quality scotch nightly, including scotch cocktails and the occasional and much appreciated pony beer to cleanse the pallet.  If you are a scotch fan or curious about what it may be get involved then enjoy our latest episode!    

We can’t do liquor episodes properly without our food sponsors so much thanks to Midwood Smokehouse for our smoked meat sampler.  The fatty brisket does not disappoint and the banana pudding was a awesome bonus!       


This week’s episode brought to you by Thirsty Nomad’s Homebrew Tap Takeover Tourney!  http://tnbhtt.brewcomp.com/

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