Episode 130 – Craft Beer Traders


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Call the Draft Line 515-4WE-BREW. Ask homebrew questions, tell us about beer events or just call to rant about something.

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In The News

Main Guest

Joey DiApice talks Craft Beer Traders. This cool new website is your portal to the beer trading world. Built for homebrewers, collectors and beer traders. Go to craftbeertraders.com and start building your cellar today! 

Joey DiApice talks Craft Beer Traders

Joey DiApice talks Craft Beer Traders

Homebrewer Spotlight

Homebrewer spotlight is brought to you by The Beer Growler- Charlotte.  Cheers to Eddie David and his American Brown Ale. Want to be on the Homebrew Spotlight? Get details HERE.

Bottle Shop of the Week

Thanks to Davidson Beverage Company for being this week’s bottle shop of the week. We got to try Asheville Brewing- Fire Escape.


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