Episode 091- The State of Charlotte Cocktails with Kelly Minton

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Food provided by Lebowski’s Neighborhood Grill!

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In The News:


Studio Guest:

Kelly Minton cocktail instructor and bartender. You can find him behind the bar at Heirloom Restaurant and LittleSpoon Eatery. Join him every Thursday night at LittleSpoon for test bar. Have you ever considered making your own bitters or Limoncello? Listen to this week’s episode for all things craft cocktail.  Find out what the state of cocktails is in Charlotte.

Kelly Minton from Heirloom Restaurant and LittleSpoon Restaurant.

Kelly Minton from Heirloom Restaurant and LittleSpoon Restaurant.

Homebrew Spotlight:

Kiel Arrington from Lebowskis is hanging out in studio to talk porters. Can’t say that the discussion was very informative seeing how the tequila bottle was making its way around the studio. Cheers to Keil nonetheless.

BJCP Tasting:

Special thanks to Good Bottle Co. for providing beer for this week’s BJCP tasting. Head over to Good Bottle and grab some Nøgne Ø – Det Kompromissløse Bryggeri A/S

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